Help Katie's Krops Grow and Continue to Serve!

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There were individuals out of work, children who were no longer receiving free and reduced lunches, and families reaching out to us who had previously never faced food insecurity who were struggling to put food on the table. We knew that we needed to change the way we operated: we could no longer host in-person dinners, we could no longer have large groups come to volunteer in the gardens. But we needed to increase our efforts, and we did just that.

-Since March, we have served over 13,000 healthy free garden-to-table to-go meals, more meals that we have previously served in the past 5 years combined!

-We created a new way for families across the country to grow a healthy end to hunger with our Seeds of Change program. Our Seeds of Change Program has:

  • Engaged 302 families
  • Engaged 112 kindergarten students
  • Shipped seeds to 23 states and Canada
  • Shared over 2250 seeds packets

-When students could no longer attend school in-person, and our school gardens were at-risk, teachers across the country stepped up by individually manned their school's gardens to keep them growing and producing to feed their students and community.

-With a tiny team of volunteers, we built out a large scale garden to produce thousands of produce pounds.

-Our young Growers across the country developed a new way to serve their communities. In Rhode Island, children donated seedlings to local food pantries for at-risk families to start their own gardens. Growers set up social distance free farmers markets to safely help families in need.

-We started constructing on an outdoor classroom to provide educational programing to children and families safe outdoor space.

We're excited to see what the future holds, and we are so grateful for your support in helping us grow!